More than words . . .

It has been over a month since I published my last blog post. The WiFi has miraculously returned after several weeks and so I am not going to waste any time. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words – so here is the equivalent of 29,000 words about the daily happenings of St. Vincent’s students and residents.

Photo Feb 13, 1 58 38 PM
Residents crammed into a taptap on the way to Carnaval.
Photo Feb 13, 4 04 13 PM
We spent one evening enjoying Carnaval – the three-day Haitian equivalent of Mardi Gras. We ate good food, listened to music, and enjoyed watching the parades.
The school is now serving hot lunches to all 200 students everyday.
Photo Feb 12, 9 25 14 PM
Schenaider and I are making a fire to roast peanuts to make peanut butter.
Photo Feb 20, 5 40 07 PM
A youth group from St. James Episcopal Church in New York spent a weekend at St. Vincent’s playing with the kids, painting murals on the school walls, and repainting the front gate. Here they pose in front of their finished product after a long day of hard work and much fun.
Photo Feb 23, 12 39 16 PM
A chapel service honoring the former St. Vincent’s director the Reverend Billy Squire.
Photo Feb 24, 5 36 38 PM
A rainbow over the grounds of St. Vincent’s after a long afternoon of some much needed rain.
Photo Feb 06, 12 38 10 PM
Belson, Damenly, and Amika take a selfie after school.
Photo Feb 25, 12 27 14 PM
The aftermath of my first experience of preparing chicken from the very start …
Photo Mar 04, 7 27 02 AM
Maille’s favorite day of the week is Sunday because she gets to get dressed up for Church.
Photo Mar 04, 7 27 28 AM
And then there’s Medjina.
Photo Mar 04, 7 28 39 AM
Adensi, Rickson, and Mayson in their Sunday best.
Photo Mar 04, 7 35 27 AM
Dayana also loves getting to go to church.
Photo Mar 22, 2 39 38 PM
The resident students saved all of their snacks from the week to have a party on Friday afternoon that was complete with music and bubbles.
Photo Mar 18, 5 23 19 PM
Jean Leonard and Moise are in the process of building kites out of sticks and found plastic bags.
Photo Mar 18, 4 20 03 PM
Oger and Damenly flying their newly constructed kite.
Photo Mar 22, 11 03 00 AM
Three students gather in a classroom to prepare for their upcoming exams.
Photo Mar 14, 8 32 04 AM
Dr. Susan Nelson’s medical team on their first day – ready to get to work.
Photo Mar 13, 8 54 23 AM
Dr. Susan is a long-term volunteer and board member who brings a team to St. Vincent’s twice a year to give checkups to all of the students, teachers, and residents.  Here she is getting down to business with Jean Robert.
Photo Mar 15, 11 31 03 AM
The doctor’s office is set up in the school library. It is always crowded with doctors, patients, scribes, and interpreters for both sign and Creole.
Photo Mar 22, 10 59 34 AM
A 2nd-grade classroom having fun drawing on the chalkboard after finishing a week of exams.
Photo Mar 13, 3 24 57 PM
The team brought lots of fun things for the students and residents.  Here Medjina is helping Dayana blow bubbles.
Photo Mar 23, 11 06 41 AM
Jean Philipe showing off his new stuffed toy.  The medical team gifted stuffed toys to all of the kindergartners for Easter.
Photo Mar 23, 10 08 45 AM
Easter baskets that my kindergarten classroom prepared for the administration and residents.
Photo Mar 22, 10 50 38 AM
Naider showing off her work from the past quarter.
Photo Mar 30, 12 58 45 PM
A traditional Haitian Good Friday lunch of whole fish, carrots, and beets.
Photo Apr 01, 7 59 59 AM
Margarethe, Dayana, and Auguste waiting to board the 17-seater bus that took all of the residents to Easter Sunday church.  The four-hour service was followed by lunch and a special outing to get ice cream.
Photo Apr 07, 7 36 26 PM
Once a month Dominic, who works in the downtown clinic, comes to Santo to shave and trim the residents’ hair.  Somehow he roped me in and I am now able to shave heads and faces with just a single razor blade as well as do trims and touch ups.  Here I am trimming Maille’s hair.
Photo Feb 07, 9 18 32 AM
Charles and Thalia have mixed reactions about returning to school after an extra-long Easter break.

Thank you to everyone who made Carnaval and Easter, and all the time inbetween, special for the students and residents of St. Vincent’s!

3 thoughts on “More than words . . .”

  1. What a lovely photo essay of St Vincent’s. Thanks for including the children’s names and for the nod to our WTHP medical team. I laughed at your new barber skills!


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